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Free Online Health Booklet

At Petluv, you can create a free health book for your pets as a way to keep all their information at the same place. For example, add important dates such as surgeries, pest monitoring and vaccines.

This way, it will be easier to access the information for your next appointment with the veterinarian as it will all be at the same place. In addition, you will be able to send the important information to your pet sitter. We will have all the information he needs to take good care of him!

Why Petluv?

A Passionate Community

Our sitters love animals and they want what is best for them.

Our Efficiency

We create the tools you need to better take care of your pets.

One website for Everything

Whether it is to find a pet sitter or for its health follow-up, we are here!

Pet Sitting Services

At PetLuv, we have the perfect platform for you to find a pet sitter for your dog or cat! We have a beautiful community in your area who is ready to take care of your pet.

Start by choosing the service you need, select your city and visit the various sitters' profiles before making a choice.

Dog Walking

Ask a dog walker to take out your pet if your day is longer than expected!

Home Visits

Ideal service if you are not home in time for your pet's meal time!

House Sitting

If you are away for a few days, choose a pet sitter that will stay at your house with your pet!

Day Care Sitting

Alternative solution where your pet stays at the sitter's home during your absence!

Our Petluv community will take care of your pets as if it were theirs.
Visit our sitters' profiles to find the perfect match!

To Offer Your Services

If you are interested in walking dogs or caring for pets, create your profile now to add your availability!

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